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E-beam evaporator

 E-beam evaporator uses a magnetically guided and collimated stream of electrons generated by applying high voltage to a filament to melt and vaporize materials in a vacuum chamber.


 By first creating a gaseos plasma and then accelerating the ions from this plasma into some source material, target. It is eroded by the arriving ions via energy transfer and is ejected in the form of neutral particles, and then it will be coated by a thin film.

E-beam assisted Sputter

 By using cassette in the load-lock chamber, it is possible to deposit kind of 4 patterns without reload the mask. Also using E-beam, we can get a high quality thin films. It is a big advantage of mask-changeable E-beam assisted sputter.

PLD (Pulse Laser Deposition)

 A high power pulsed laser beam is focused to a target. This material is vaporized from the target which deposit on a substrate. This process can occur in ultra high vacuum or the process of a background gas, such as oxygen which is commonly used for depositing oxides.


 With the use or a syringe pump, the precursor can be fed into needle at a constant and controllable rate. When a high voltage is applied, the drop of solution in needle will become highly electricfied and the induced charges are evenly distributed over the surface.

Process and Measurement

Mask Aligner

Dispenser Printer

Screen Printer

Tube Furnace

4 Probe Station

Alpha Step

3D Printer

UV/ Ozone Surface Treatment

Carrier lifetime measurement


Glove Box

Glove Box

Temperature & Humidity Chamber





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