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저희 에코랩과 함께 할 대학원생/학부연구생/박사후연구원을 모집하고 있습니다.

We are looking for graduate students/undergraduates/Post-docs.

About Ecolab

- We fabricate various nanostructures and thin films through vacuum deposition (Sputter, E-beam, Thermal, PLD, etc.)     
  and chemical synthesis methods
- Our main focus is on energy conversion devices such as Tandem solar cell, Perovskite solar cell, Si solar cell

Research details

1) Tandem solar cells : Silicon/Perovskite , Perovskite/Perovskite and more.
2) Transparent solar cells : Silicon and perovskite for BIPV(Building-integrated photovoltaics) 
3) Perovskite solar cell

Research supports

- Full tuition exemption (entrance fee, tuition) including incentives

- Participation in domestic and overseas conferences 

- Dormitory (available for everyone) / Married apartment offered

- Education and research subsidy  Doctoral : ₩1,200,000  ~ 1,500,000/month

                                                                 Master    : ₩1,000,000  ~ 1,100,000/month

                                                                 Post-doc : ₩3,000,000  ~ 5,000,000/month including 4 insurances

                                                                                      and retirement allowance

For more details, please feel free to contact (Pf. Kyoung Jin Choi) 

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